Tuesday, August 30, 2011

#Brimfield "must find" list for 2011 part 1...

This September I will be hitting Brimfield (dont know what Brimfield is? Click HERE!) with a list of items  I am searching for. Over the Summer I saw the coolest vintage wooden surfboard, THAT I WALKED AWAY FROM, and couldnt find again!!! Very sad. This September I am on the Hunt for it, or one like it! 

So, to all my Brimfield friends... please please please send me a tweet (@abigailfoxdsgns) if you see one!! 

Image Sources:
Red Dot: Habitually Chiv by designer Brooke Giannetti
Green Dot: Martha Blue Dot: Veneerdesigns
Yellow Dot: completely coastal.com
Image with no dot: click here for source

Preparing for Irene in Old Greenwich, before and after...

While many of us in Greenwich & Stamford (and state wide!) are still out of power, the clean up has begun. I added some before and after pics, and have a few more coming...

(kids and dogs swimming in front of my parents house on Sunset Rd in Old Greenwich...)

Friday, August 26, 2011

These sheep always do the cha cha when a hurricane is coming!!

Hurricanes can be very scary and confusing for children who dont know anything about them! Sesame Street has a great collection of video's online for children to watch...  
Take a look at the videos HERE

"You can always tell a hurricane is on the way when sheep are doing the cha cha, the chickens are quaking like ducks... and a frog is doing the Neeeeeeeewwws."

Kermit the Frog with a fast blowing hurricane: 
Giving you the news BLOW by BLOW: 

hurricane #irene to do list for NYC and surrounding areas... be safe everyone!

Yikes: Here she comes!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Adorable pink and Turquoise Nursery...

I havent featured any nursery rooms on my blog yet, but thought this was the perfect Nursery to start with! The Nursery was designed by Meredith, Principal Meredith Heron Design, Toronto for (and with help) from Gretchen, Gretchen Aubuchon Design, Worcester, MA

The full story, and more pictures can be found on HGTV.CA  be sure to check out  interview in Part 1 and the inspiration ideas in Part 2. All images below are from HGTV.CA

The Nursery started with a sketch that Meredith sent Gretchen, and it went from there. I have included some great pictures of the final nursery, and the inspiration/ideas. Be sure to read Meredith and Gretchen's interview, and here is a sneak peek of the adorable nursery for an adorable new baby girl! Welcome to the world Lucy! 

What are my favorite parts of the room? I love the Bungalow 5 etageres, the turquoise chandelier & the hot pink grass cloth walls. 

All images from:

Monday, August 15, 2011

Style Tip from Tory Burch: The Flat Boot

I love this look posted on the Tory Burch Blog. 
I am usually not a fan of large logo's but this one 
isnt bothering me.

The look: A timeless flat boot. Perfect for fall.
Style Tip: Elevate the casual: slip the Selma Riding Boot over your skinny corduroys. Or wear them with opaque tights and a pleated skirt.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

New York Gifts Show Aug 2011 Trends

Each New York Gift show features new themes and trends, it's always a fun challenge to see how quickly we can spot them. As usual "Industrial Chic" is everywhere. World War II Memorabilia (like at Brimfield) is starting to pop up. Owls are still perched everywhere and succulents (one of last years trends both at the gift show and Brimfield) are still popular. 
Today's winner is...
Fanning their feathers all across pier 94...

Cant wait to see what it is tomorrow! 
Day 2 or 4 will be spent at the Javitts... 

Social Media in the 90's

I have been really lucky since opening the store with all the young people I've had "helping me".  Most are headed back to school in the next few weeks and I already miss them! I cant believe all the Back to School sales are already starting... And probably the most shocking part is, I haven't had to go back to school for TEN YEARS. 

Ten Years. WOW. I few years ago I would complain about feeling old, but now I am old... A lot has changed in ten years. 

One of my favorite memories was my freshman year at University of Vermont (before I transferred to Colorado). My Freshman year roommate used to face a stereo out of our dorm window of Chittenden Hall and BLAST The Samples onto the field out front. It always makes me smile when I think of getting of the bus, hearing the music & knowing it was coming from my room.
That was Social Media in 1997!

Planning for Nantucket

The end of August is one of my favorite times of the Summer. It includes the New York Gift show, and my Summer "Holiday" in Nantucket with my Parents and friends.

The New York Gift show started yesterday, and goes through Thursday. My mom and I always head in on Sunday morning and stay in the City through Wednesday Night. Our days are filled walking the show, SHOPPING for the store for Fall and Holiday Merchandise (which we LOVE) and then lots of fun dinners and drinks in the City. We always have a great time & end up finding great stuff.  I love walking the show, and feel so lucky to have my Mom to do it with me! (We will be posting pics of cool unusual finds on our Twitter feed, so be sure to follow us! @abigailfoxdsgns)

And when we get back... we have NANTUCKET! One of my favorite parts of my vacation on the island are all of the farmers markets. I came across this recipe this morning on the Tory Burch blog, and will be making it in Nantucket! Take a look...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Underwater Swimming Paintings I cant get enough of featured by James Radin, and artists Eric Zener and Jamie Wayman

While looking through one of my favorite blogs this week, Cote de Texas I came across this picture of a bedroom designed by one of my favorite designers, James Radin. 

The natural textured wallpaper is great... but what I have not been able to stop thinking about all week is the amazing UNDERWATER PAINTING. ITS SAFE TO SAY I AM OBSESSED WITH IT. 
I have not been able to find a reference for the painting anywhere. Anyone know the artist?

I have spent the week looking into underwater swimming paintings and have found some I love, and some that are so detailed they look like photos. I would love to use one of these amazing paintings in a beach house. Take a look...

Eric Zener’s Underwater Paintings

Eric Zener, Blue gaze, oli on canvas 2006

All painting above by Artist: Eric Zener

Pink Hat by Jamie Wayman 

Swim Lesson by Jamie Wayman
3 paintings above by Artist Jamie Wayman

Mad Men Yourself

As crazy busy as our June, July and early Aug have been, It feels like everyone has left town for the last two weeks of Aug! 
What's going on in the store on a late August Saturday Morning...

Um... I'll be honest. Not Much. 
So, why not...

I got this far and then its time to pick the accessories... Love that I got to choose from almost all of my favorite things. Shotguns ;) , Martini's, Jewels and shopping bags...

I dropped the shotgun and went with the Martini...
They even have my vespa in the background!

What are you up to this Saturday morning?
Happy Weekend Everyone!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Mikes organic food delivery

This morning a friend was in the store and we were chatting about just about everything and she mentioned that she uses a service called "Mikes Organic Food Delivery" for all of her families weekly produce. I had heard of the business but had not actually check it out, I did this morning and it is amazing.

The premise is pretty simple. Several times a week they visit local farms and pick the freshest seasonal produce and meats and deliver what ever you request to your door.

They deliver to Greenwich, Riverside, Cos Cob, Old Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, Chappaqua, Rye, Harrison, Larchmont, Armonk and Bedford.

Take a look a some pictures from their website. I admit I usually only look at pictures and read small blurbs on websites, but read the "About Mike" section it is both interesting and inspirational to see someone making a difference and helping people to be healthier, and doing something they love all at the same time.

Take a peek at just some of the pictures directly from the website...
Dont tomatoes look amazing?
How it Works 1

Here is a blurb on how it works:
"We have close relationships with some of the best, brightest and most reputable small organic/local farms in the Northeast.

Every day we wake up with the Roosters (sometimes before) and drive right to the farm house, where we inspect all of the produce that has just been picked. 

A Mike's Organic Employee then individually selects the best fruits, veggies, eggs, and meat available, packages all of your food in special carrying crates and coolers, puts it right onto our truck, and drives it to your door. 

Vegetables are chosen by what is in season and what is freshest the day that we go to the farm. Meat is also chosen by what is in season and freshest.

We deliver directly to your home weekly, every other week, or you can choose a delivery package of 6, 12 or 18 weeks. In most cases vegetables will go from being in the ground to your door within 24 hours.

You can't get any fresher unless you're a farmer!

Be a Locavore! Support your local farmers by eating food grown or raised no more than 100 miles away. It's Better for you and Better for the Environment."

I cant wait to try it out this Fall!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Paris in August

"I often daydream that my life is just as it is now... Only I have well-behaved hair and I live in Paris."

Paris -- Travel -- August
(Curly Girl Designs)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cheers to Aug...

As many of you have noticed, we have been MIA on the blog scene the past few weeks, please accept my apologies! I am afraid I dont have a great excuse, but here it is plain and simple... 
Summer has gotten in the way!
We have been having a VERY busy Summer in the store, which has been great. We have been getting such a great response from all of our customers on our Summer inventory of furniture and gifts, and have met loads of new customers who have been receiving gifts and coming to check out the store. Thank you for all your business this summer. So far this Aug has been surprisingly busy so far as furniture and antiques... and our recently launched design business! We are so excited that our customers are getting excited about the furniture and Antiques we are finding, and are looking forward to the Gift Shows and the arrival of our Fall merchandise in the upcoming weeks... And dont forget, the final 2011 week of Brimfield "The largest Antique show in the World" is coming up... we will be there so let us know if you are in the search of anything, we will keep an eye out! (And check out or blog on Brimfield finds from this past May and July!)
So... back to the last three weeks, here it is in a nut shell...