Tuesday, August 30, 2011

#Brimfield "must find" list for 2011 part 1...

This September I will be hitting Brimfield (dont know what Brimfield is? Click HERE!) with a list of items  I am searching for. Over the Summer I saw the coolest vintage wooden surfboard, THAT I WALKED AWAY FROM, and couldnt find again!!! Very sad. This September I am on the Hunt for it, or one like it! 

So, to all my Brimfield friends... please please please send me a tweet (@abigailfoxdsgns) if you see one!! 

Image Sources:
Red Dot: Habitually Chiv by designer Brooke Giannetti
Green Dot: Martha Blue Dot: Veneerdesigns
Yellow Dot: completely coastal.com
Image with no dot: click here for source

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