Friday, March 29, 2013

Just Unpacked: New Necklaces!

We are busy unpacking new Jewelry, take a look!! 
These will be updated on our website very soon, but until then, give us a call if you would like to order one! 203 344 1707

Happy Easter Weekend

Going through our blog archives we found this post from 2011 and loved the images, so we decided why not post it again?!?! Happy Easter and Passover everyone!

What are you doing this Easter Weekend?

Traveling somewhere?
michael_sowa happyeaster

Going Home?

Whatever you are doing this weekend, 
We hope you have a great time!
Happy Easter 

Creepy Bunny
(Images from, sketchy bunnies)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Welcome to our #Fashion #jewelry flash sale!

Welcome to our flash sale! 
Offering fixed price and quantities during our Facebook auctions.
Sale will last until item is sold!

The fine print: (How it works!)
Our auctions will be held on line, on our Facebook Page. 
Our Facebook page ca be found by searching Abigail Fox Designs! 
We will post the picture, description, quantity and price of the item. To bid on the item, please comment on the picture with "SOLD" and your email address. We will send an invoice via paypal and payment is due within 24 hours. If there is shipping it will be written in the description.
Please email us or message us on Facebook!

What will be for SALE?
A little bit of everything!
Fashion Jewelry
Home Decor

This will be our first item:
Turquoise color necklace.  Max Length is 21" 
Shipping $2.00
Qnty Available: 1
Item will be posted our our Facebook page.
Be the first person the write SOLD and your email as a comment under the image on Facebook.
Example: SOLD

Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Favorite words of wisdom...

Worlds of Wisdom...

Calling it quits and taking a Sick day

Taking a sick day when you are self employed is no fun. 

Beds in front of windows...

Who makes it all the way through the winter healthy only to get sick on the first day of Spring?
That would be me.

Its gorgeous out today. I was planning on working in the morning and then taking the dog to the beach before dinner with friends... But instead I am feeling sorry for myself and trying to remember what mirror I broke 7 years ago that is now coming back to haunt me.

I actually new I was a goner last week, while helping a customer with her necklace, I was sneezed on.
Not in the same room with someone who sneezed, but literally sneezed on. I wanted to start crying on the spot... and here we are a few days later looking and feeling like death.

Which leads me to the inspiration for this post... While working from home/bed I decided to completely re arrange every piece of furniture in my room (in my head)... Including the idea of moving my bed in front of two windows. I have never been completely sold on the idea of beds in front of windows, but I think in this case it would be the best configuration, take a look at some examples...

So i've decided this is the plan. Stay tuned for after pics...

What are your thoughts on beds in front of Windows?

I have "pinned" all of these images, plus more on our pinterest board titles 
All of the original sources are available by clicking on the image.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Snowday! We are open!

Hope everyone enjoys their snow day. 
We are open. 
If we close early we will let you know on our store Facebook page. 
Dont you love our snow owl? Image info on our Pinterest board: Animals.