Sunday, August 14, 2011

Social Media in the 90's

I have been really lucky since opening the store with all the young people I've had "helping me".  Most are headed back to school in the next few weeks and I already miss them! I cant believe all the Back to School sales are already starting... And probably the most shocking part is, I haven't had to go back to school for TEN YEARS. 

Ten Years. WOW. I few years ago I would complain about feeling old, but now I am old... A lot has changed in ten years. 

One of my favorite memories was my freshman year at University of Vermont (before I transferred to Colorado). My Freshman year roommate used to face a stereo out of our dorm window of Chittenden Hall and BLAST The Samples onto the field out front. It always makes me smile when I think of getting of the bus, hearing the music & knowing it was coming from my room.
That was Social Media in 1997!

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