Design Services

We have a variety of different packages available. We have helped customers with an entire house, a single room, a set of bookcases, or for the last few pieces to pull an almost finished room together.  

We also provide a service for people who are not local but would still like a layout and design ideas for a room. We provide a blueprint for the room and a list of online resources for people who would like to "Do it yourself."

Please send us an email with a brief explanation of what you are interested in and we can send you specific rates and talk further about the project, we would love to work with you!

This is an example of our Per Room Charge:

The room fee would cover schemes, paint selection, meetings and phone calls to create the overall “idea” of the room. We will provide you with multiple choices for each item we suggest which is included in the initial design fee.
Additional time is billed hourly after initial “schemes” are presented and “approved”.
A commission is added on all sales of goods bought through vendors outside of Abigail Fox Designs. We also do our best to get the best possible price from the vendor using our “designer discount” which is recognized at many local stores.
All labor will be billed directly to the customer, unless noted that you would like us to handle it and bill you all together.  (Carpentry, painters…)
We charge an hourly rate of  for onsite management. (This means being onsite for deliveries, installations... If home owner is not home, or wants us there.)
Added bonus for design clients:
During the agreed upon scope of the project customer will receive 20-30% off in stock Home Décor purchased at Abigail Fox Designs. A discount will also apply on items that are not is stock, but that we can order through the store, plus the cost of the shipping. At the close of the project the customer will be extended 10% off home décor for one year.

Are you a designer?

We have many local interior designers who like to shop in our retail store and our antique booths with there customers. Please contact us about our "Designer Discount" that is available to you and your customers. 

We also have design services for designers, who are working with their customers but have a short time frame and need help with a certain room or project. We love working with other designers and would love to work with you on your projects! Give us a call or shoot us an email.