Saturday, July 2, 2011

Making Waves...

I am so excited the July 4th weekend has arrived! I have already enjoyed a few Dark & Stormy's with friends, and am looking forward to seeing Huck's flying leap off the dock into salty Long Island Sound tomorrow... The weather was amazing today, truly a perfect Summer beach day, and hopefully there are more to come. 

I love having my store in our small "beach" town and seeing kids riding around on their bikes picking up lunch and headed to the beach on Saturdays. It reminds me of my own 10+ hour summer days spent at Rocky with all my best friends... 

This morning a customer and I were chatting about how great the Summers are here, and she asked me what my favorite summer "look" was...

Definitely Beach Waves & Salty Paws...

Happy 4th Everyone!

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