Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July Brimfield Market 2011

Slowly but surely I am putting together all our images from Brimfield July Market and will be posting them for everyone, thank you for your patience! It is always fun going through and looking back at all the pictures of the funky things we find! A combination of the heat slowing things down, and the store having its busiest Summer yet, posting Brimfield July 2011 trends and finds has been on my to do list for days!!
So here is a start, our first post will be no surprise to most, "Industrial Chic" is not going anywhere! Stay tuned as they will be posting images from Brimfield throughout the next week. 
Thanks everyone and I hope you are having a great summer. Please feel free to comment or send us emails as we love to hear from you!

I really liked a lot of these lamps, most of them were made out of industrial style lamps and old car parts. I would love to design an office with s few of these and loved that they all had a unique gadget, some leaving you unsure as to what it was! I LOVED these old fans, its hard to see in the pictures how large they actually are but how great would be for a pool house?

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