Thursday, July 14, 2011

Help Us Build a Library

Hi Everyone! 
 The Little Engine That Could mini
Today I received an email from a friend who is helping a friend collect books for her first grade public school class in Missouri.

The school only supplies desks and textbooks, and we would love to help build a classroom library for these children. The donated books will stay with the school for years to come. Many of the students are from low-income families from Saint Louis City. Their experience with reading and their exposure to books at home is limited.
If you are interested in donating a book, or a few, please take a look at the "wish list" of books to donate And help foster a love of reading! Maybe you have a favorite childhood book, or a book that your children love?

Wish List: CLICK HERE 

You can order from the Wish List and ship directly, But we will also have a box in the store that we will collect the books and send at the end of next week. 

Thanks everyone! 

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