Sunday, May 15, 2011

brimfield may 2011: trends, observations & ... part three

As usual lots of vintage and antique dressers and furniture. I should have known better but am still kicking myself for "losing" the blue dresser above. You cant "think about it" at Brimfield, you just have to pull the trigger!! I am a sucker for everything orange and loved the Tray table above. I saw loads of vintage flash cards this trip and liked how these were made into greeting cards and hang tags. 
Signage of all shapes and sizes was out, I particularly liked this old screen door with the Bond Bread logo on it. Can you guess what the box with the mannequin head is? Its a peep show box, a penny a "peep".  Lots of animal heads...
This season I saw a lot of vintage circus themed items. I loved the iron tables above, they are made from vintage circus stakes (the white legs) and I loved the round iron detail in the middle that had a flower inside. These will be amazing with either a glass or mirror top made for them. Lots of Sterling and plated silver around. I love this antique Sterling Army/Navy trophy... I also loved it a month ago when I saw it sell at an auction... I am friends with the dealer who "won" it and it was a treat running into him at Brimfield!
Industrial displays were great and are always very inspirational for me. I loved all the old ribbon spools, and really loved the thread case with all the colors inside. I hope Sheriff T.W. (dodge) Ferguson isnt looking for his cards...

Stay tuned for our next bunch of photos from Brimfield and please share your thoughts and finds with us! 

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