Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Zebra Fabric, Tan/Beige or Gray... I love them both!

Well, the title pretty much says it all...
I pretty much love anything Zebra, and have for years. 
 I dont think I will be getting sick of it aytime soon.

This bathroom is from Southern Accents. 
I love the wallpaper. Although it is very subtle it is able to fill the room with so little color.
I love how the molding around it was painted in a grey to match the stripes.

Unless its tailored, I am not a fan of "skirted" anything. 
But I am a fan of this skirted sink found through pcbinteriors:

I like how the Zebra fabric is faded, and connects down the center seem.

So...What I am trying to decide on is curtains for my dining room. 
I have light grey walls, and I am trying to decide it I want grey Zebra Curtains. 

My dilemma is that I LOVE tan Zebra fabric that I use on everything, including many pillows and chairs in the store that I literally cant keep in stock...
(Like these vintage bamboo style chairs we had re covered... I LOVED these!!)

The tan wont work in my dining room because of the grey walls. 
The tan fabric WOULD WORK in a bedroom in my house that has Navy blue walls, mirrored side tables and cream/Ivory bed and bedding. 
Here's a picture of the fabric in curtains from Boxwood Designs:

So maybe I should save the Zebra for the bedroom and keep looking for the dining room...
And of course right when I make the decision to use the tan zebra in the bedroom I find these though from Betsy Burnham designs and love them with the grey accents...

Help me decide!!

While looking for "inspiration" I came across some great zebra decor, take a look:
living rooms - white sofa modern slipper chairs walnut console table fireplace orange throw zebra bench gray walls sisal rug brown ribbon border trim French doors white cotton drapes black ribbon trim

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  1. Hi! Can you post the information about where to get the tan zebra fabric? I have been looking for this exact fabric and came across your blog in the search. I have two tan zebra chairs but have not been able to find an exact match for this fabric to make pillows. Thanks!