Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vinyl Monogram Stickers

Vinyl Monogram Sticker
Great for Back To School!

Pick the style, size & the color.

How do you order online? Send us an email with the information listed below. We will send you an invoice within 24hours. Once we receive your payment (Through Paypal) we will place your order.

Place An Order: Email
Subject: Monogram Order
1. Customer Name, Phone number, and email address
2. Three Letter Monogram Style: (Please type the title that is listed below the style you like.)
Size: (How many inches tall do you want it?)
3. Color: The monogram sticker color will be the black part shown on each sample. The "white" part shown will be negative space.
4. Shipping: Monograms will ship to our store, shipping is $3 per customer order. UNLESS you would like them shipped to a different address, and if so please include that address. 
Drop shipping is $7 per address.

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