Monday, January 9, 2012

Townhouse Spaces

I have been trying to decide on the type of  built in bookcases for my dining room for along time. I have a townhouse which I love, and have become very comfortable decorating "smaller" spaces. I was hoping to have the design for the bookcases finalized and started before/during my trip to Asia, but with Jan 20th fast approaching its not going to happen. While I have been looking and thinking about the right design for the space, I came across some great ideas for other spaces. I loved this design by Barri Dixon Inc. from a Georgetown Townhouse he designed.  Take a look:
So... What are you thoughts?  Do you like the look? In this case the owner has a collection they want to display, so the curtains most likely stay open all the time. But I love the option of being able to close the curtains to the visual "clutter" making for a very cosy space. In fact, I would love to get comfortable by the fire and watch the latest episode of Downton Abbey by the fire in this room! What do you think?

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