Sunday, January 8, 2012

Singapore to Hong Kong 2012 Adventure...

About a year ago my Mom and I were sitting at one of our favorite little restaurants in New Preston CT, when we decided to take a trip across the world together! When I was in college I spent a semester traveling on Semester at Sea with one of my best friends from High school. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and I think of it often. We traveled to 13 countries over 100 days. Ever since that trip, I have wanted to go back to Asia. I am so excited to be going with my Mom, who is also one of my best friends!
We will be gone for almost 3 weeks and will be traveling from Singapore to Hong Kong, visiting   Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and China along the way. We cant wait. Throughout the next couple weeks I will be sharing our travel plans with you. But before I share more, I would like to introduce you to Brooks Truesdell Dolan who will be joining our wonderful existing team in the store while I am away, and she will be our guest blogger during our trip.

Brooks is one of my best friends younger sister,  I know all our readers and customers will love her! Brooks is very creative, loves to travel, lots of fun and an all around great gal.
Meet Brooks...

Be sure to check out  all of Brooks amazing wedding DIY projects in her wedding pics!

 Yay!! I cant wait for my upcoming trip and am so lucky to be leaving the store in such wonderful hands as Brooks, Stella, Linda, Boo, Louise, Alexa and Isabelle!!

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