Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gladiator Bicycles, Beautiful Redhead Flying Bike...

A classic image for cycle enthusiasts! George Massias created this beautiful advertisement in 1895 promoting the new "Gladiator" bicycle. Massias proved, more than a century ago, the famous advertising adage: Sex Sells.
This strikingly oversized art piece is an open-edition print, produced using serigraphy on the highest-quality paper.
Artist: George Massias
Materials: 100% Rag Cotton, 350gsm Acid-Free Fine Art Paper; Gold, Solid Wood Frame
Dimensions: Print measures 36" x 52", Framed approx. 40" x 56"
Care: Handle with care. Dust with soft, dry cloth.
Status update 7/5/2011: SOLD OUT

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  1. I think I saw this at the store the other day! So cool!