Friday, June 10, 2011

summer rides...

One of the best parts of having a store in a small town in the summer is getting to check out all the fun bikes people park out front while walking through the store, and while getting ice cream next door. I met a couple over the weekend who are spending July and August in Old Greenwich, with no car, just two bikes! Its the perfect town to spend your summer on a bike... The beach is an easy ride from pretty much anywhere in town, as is the train station if you get a little stir crazy!

I felt inspired to blog about all the fun bike options out there, perfect for a small town in the summer.
1. The  "Velorbis", is a low maintenance Dutch style bicycle that reflects the elements of world-renowed Danish design. The stylish and iconic aesthetic makes this a very versatile country (or city) bike. Check them (and more images) out at

2. All over Old Greenwich you see (I dont know what they are called so I call them...) "Cargo Bikes". They are basically a cross between a bicycle built for two, and a wagon. When I was little my dad would would pull me and friends around our farm in Maryland, in a tractor pulling a wagon. We would jump off (being the youngest of all the kids, PUSHED is probably a better word to use) and try and jump back on. (Im the twerp with the pigtails.)
So somewhere between a wagon and a bike you find the "Cargo Bike". It makes a fun and functional way to get around town. This eco friendly version of the family tractor can carry 1-2 passengers, or cargo and makes running errands a little more fun!
Bikes available at (and images from): & at

3.The beach cruiser. Pretty self explanatory and very cute. Check out for best cruiser bikes.

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