Sunday, May 15, 2011

Brimfield May 2011: Trends, Observations & ...Part One

I saw loads of really cool Vintage pieces that looked like they came straight out of a science professors office. Big comfortable leather chairs & sofas, test tubes in all shapes and sizes & re finished industrial chairs (Ranging from $25 to $1400). The strangest of all, seen in "Heart of the Mart" on opening day, Monkey Brain Slides. 

 I saw lots of great lighting. From candle votive holders, mid century orb chandeliers, to iron/industrial lighting, and my favorite, an ET Lamp. I picked up a brass standing lamp I am so excited about and will be dropping off for some repairs Monday morning. Stay tuned for the big reveal!
One thing I did notice this year, was loads of bicycles built for two.
Maybe its a hint?!?!

Part two coming soon... Please share your thoughts and let me know what you like... or what you found at Brimfield or wherever you like to shop!


  1. I thought the same thing about the tandem bikes, it was odd. Great collections of photos.

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