Saturday, April 9, 2011

"A Tarmac Drive, for God's Sake."

The Gravel Drive
By The Well Appointed House 4/8/2011

Melissa Hawks of The Well Appointed House ( has one of my favorite blogs that I always enjoy ready. Check it out!
I loved her most recent post, The Gravel Drive, and the pictures that came along with it. Below is a copy of the blog post, take a look:

I've been reading quite a few articles on class snobbery as it relates to the impending royal wedding.  The most recent one, The Real Housewives of Kensington Palace by Will Frears, was from the March 20th issue of NY Magazine.  In it, Frears questions what the English aristocracy must think of Kate Middleton's family and he includes the following:

"Her parents have a tarmac drive, for God's sake," said one anonymous member of the Gloucester polo set.  Only parvenus travel to their house on tarmac; the upper classes are said to prefer to ride on gravel.

That statement gave me a bit of a chuckle first because of the gravel comment and secondly because of the use of the word parvenus (get out your dictionary), but if you love gravel drives, here are some good ones:

Chenies Manor House Buckinghamshire, England

Burghley House - widely regarded as the grandest house of the Elizabethan age.


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